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A ride on our classic trams and buses

Every year in September, to celebrate CARRIS’ Anniversary, the Museum’s Classic Trams and Buses go out into the street and take many visitors on a Lisbon tour! The curious can participate on the tram tour or watch the parade as it goes through the streets of Lisbon. 


Know how to purchase you ticket!

To celebrate the anniversary of Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, on September 23, 2023, Museu da Carris will hold the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023, departing from Santo Amaro station at 10:30 am and 4 pm.

The route of the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 will be between Santo Amaro Station and Algés, remembering the old Ribamar, destination of the first American cars and the first tramcars.

The CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 is the opportunity to go back to the beginning of the 20th century, aboard the Open Tramcar (Salão), no.  283, the Tramcar no. 330, the Tramcar no. 444 or the T1. Try out Tramcar no. 535, one of the first tramcars built by CARRIS workshops, or get to know Tramcar no. 802, which was in service in the city of Lisbon when tramcars were the public transport of preference. It may also be the occasion to discover the thematic Tramcars with traditional national elements – cork, Arraiolos and Madeira embroidery: nº713, nº744 and nº745.

In addition to the transports of the first half of the 20th century, this year the CARRIS Classics Parade features Bus no. 76, which despite the similarity with the first single-decker buses to arrive in Lisbon in 1940, only entered service in the 60s. The Bus no. 1001, from 1975, will be present again in the parade, being the most recent vehicle of the Carris Museum of this edition. 
To participate in the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023, it is necessary to purchase a ticket, worth € 10 for adults, and € 5 for children under 18. Children up to 3 years old, transported on their parents’ lap, do not pay a ticket. Registrations are made via e-mail to, and reservations are made in the order of arrival of the registration requests sent by e-mail.

Information about the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023:
Date and time of travel:
– The CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 takes place on September 23, 2023, with two trips departing from Santo Amaro Station at 10:30am and 4pm.

– Tickets to participate in the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 are €10 per adult, €5 for children under 18, and free for children under 3 (inclusive). Children under the age of 3 must sit on their parents’ lap during the Classic Parade.

Sale via e-mail:
– Ticket purchase is required for participation in the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023, with a request made via e-mail to After the reply for registration in the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023, participants have 24 hours to pay for the ticket, otherwise they will lose the requested reservation. 
– Requests for registration for the Parade of Classics are answered on a first-come, first-served basis. 
– After payment of the ticket, participants will receive an e-mail with confirmation of their reservation for mandatory presentation on the day of the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023.

Sale at the Carris Museum Ticket Office:
– You can also purchase your ticket directly at the Carris Museum Ticket Office, from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm. Subject to available seats. Ticket must be presented on the day of the event.

Parade Vehicles and Route:
– The CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 has a maximum capacity of 257 seats at 10.30 am and 307 seats at 12.30 pm.
– The historic vehicles that will participate in the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 are the Tramcars no. 283, no. 330, no. 444, no. 802, no. 535, no. 713, no. 744, no. 745 and T1. And Buses no. 76 and no. 1001.
– Preferential indication of the vehicle to be traveled is allowed. We do not guarantee that you will travel in the indicated vehicle. Placement in the vehicles will be made according to the capacity of the vehicle and order of request. If there is no place available in the preferred vehicle, due to capacity or breakdown, you will be placed in another vehicle. The Carris Museum reserves the right to decide and organize the seats.
– The route of the streetcars and buses of the CARRIS Classics Parade 2023 is a circular route from Santo Amaro Station to Algés, returning to the origin. Entrances and exits are not allowed at any point other than Santo Amaro Station. There are no stops along the route. CARRIS reserves the right to make changes to the route for reasons external to the operation.

– All passengers in the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023 must be seated throughout the journey in the seat allocated during check-in.
– For the 10.30 am parade, check-in opens at 9.30 am and for the 4 pm parade, check-in opens at 3 pm. The check-in area is located at the entrance of the Carris Museum, under the arcades, at Santo Amaro Station – Rua 1º de Maio, nª 101-103, Lisboa
– Check-in for entry into the vehicles of the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023 closes 10 minutes before departure time. It is mandatory for participants of the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023 to present themselves from 10:30 am to 10:20 am at the entrance of the Carris Museum. And it is mandatory for the participants of the Classic Parade to be present from 16:00 until 15:50 at the entrance of the Carris Museum. Failure to appear at the entrance of the Carris Museum within the above-mentioned time inhibits participation in the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023. 
– On the day of the Classics Parade, it is not allowed to park inside Santo Amaro Station.
– Strollers and baby carriers are not allowed in the parade vehicles. 
– Eating is not allowed inside the parade vehicles.
– The value of the CARRIS Classic Parade 2023 tickets is not refundable, for failure to check-in at the set time, or for any other reason.
– It is not possible to exchange the 2023 Classic Parade tickets.  

We recommend that you arrive early to enjoy the whole experience, have a good trip!

Participate and come see them pass by

Travel in our Classics or wave at them from the street! Among the various examples, you can ride on Tram 283, which began running on rails in 1902, or Tram 444 (the “São Luís”), dating back to 1901, with its rattan benches and ornate wooden ceiling.

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