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Celebrate your anniversary at the Museum

Celebrate the kid’s birthday at the Museum! They will spend a fun day with many activities (game-tourand also a short tram ride at Santo Amaro Station, followed by a mini workshop or game.


To register, download the Registration Form, fill it out and send it to

How are the Birthday Parties at the Museum?

The party starts with a History Tour of Museu da Carris Center 1. Then, the group takes a tram at the Santo Amaro Station that makes the connection between centers. In Center 2, the children are challenged in a Clues Game (treasure hunt). Then, they go to the party space where the chosen activity/theme will be developed. In the end, there is time for a small snack and to sing “Happy Birthday”. The tram is waiting for the group at the stop “at the appointed time” in order to return to the starting point!

Note: There are two types of birthday parties, their difference being the space where the activities take place, the area provided for snacks and the hours.

Maximum Number:  25 participants // Duration: 2.30 hours // Price: 190€ (up to 15 children, 8.5€ each additional child)

List of Birthday Party themes

Starting with clues, the children are inspired by the images provided and use Play-Doh to set their imagination free!

Starting with clues, the children have to create a team mural, using drawings and collages.

Among other games, it includes the spoonPictionary, mime, sack race, egg and statues games.

Mini workshop for creating personalized masks, starting from two standard bases.

This challenge was designed for “older” kids and includes two moments: 
– the discovery of Center 1 of the Museum and the History of Carris 
– solving the problem of two escape rooms, a bus and a tram (one per team), in a total time of 1h30.


Find the Birthday Parties program here.
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