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MAYThe “Carmo” Lift

The “Carmo” Lift, or “Santa Justa” Elevator as it is more commonly known, started operating in 1902, powered by steam, according to a project by Engineer Raul Mesnier de Ponsard. Belonging to Carris Company, the only public transport lift currently operating in the city of Lisbon was, in the beginning, owned by a company specially constituted with the purpose of its construction and operation: the Elevador do Carmo Company. It was inaugurated on July 10, 1902, using steam as a traction force and electrified in 1907, having the works carried out forced to a temporary stoppage. Like the Lisbon lifts, in 2002 it was classified as a National Monument. There were even more elevators, namely, Chiado, Rossio, Biblioteca-São Julião, Camões-Estrela and Graça.

Novelty: sustainable bottles

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