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Outdoors Museum, the 1001 Bus at your school!

After being remodeled, the 1001 Bus is now a mobile museum, equipped and adapted to pedagogical needs and ready to visit schools, colleges, parish councils and other educational organizations or associations with leisure activities. The 1001 Bus brings activities to children and young people!

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Ages: 6 – 14 years // Price: 5.5€ children // Duration: 1 hora // Number of Children: 15 – 25 // Number of Activities: 5 // Hours: 10am – 5pm // Break for lunch: 1pm – 2pm

Are you familiar with the 1001 bus?

The 1001 Bus is in perfect working order and is driven by a CARRIS driver. The bus carries didactic material and a team of monitors from the Educational Service. 

In this pilot year, this bus offers two activities for two age ranges, and may in the future provide five workshop visits at schools. It parks inside the space of the visiting entity, in an uncovered or covered area. 

This year, as the project has just been launched, we have estimated an availability of about 3 days each month, taking into account the school calendar and school breaks.

Just a little bit of history…

The introduction to service of the 1001 bus in 1975 marks the beginning of a restructuring process at CARRIS, in which the chromatic scheme of its vehicles was also changed, with the entire fleet now being painted in orange. This bus, which was then assigned to the Cabo Ruivo Station, provided regular passenger service until 2000. It was then taken out of service and introduced to the Museum, following the museums incorporation policy that establishes that the first bus of each series be integrated into its collection. The bus underwent a major restoration process from 2014 to 2019.

Activities provided

Each bus visit can allow the development of up to 5 activities at the school, including the morning and afternoon periods.

Thus, we were able to receive 5 classes.

The bus will not used to travel!   

The bus will be parked in the school grounds, preferably in an indoor sports hall or outdoor sports field.

Each activity lasts about 1 hour. And you can choose between two activities.


Once upon a time… a tour of the CARRIS Museum. The doors of CARRIS open and our book transports you to a museum tour full of fantasy, drawings and interaction. The CARRIS book is a complement to the guided tour that proposes that the story be valued as an imaginary space. The group is invited to relate, in a participatory and dynamic way, the Museum’s collection to an illustrated narrative.

Magic Windows

In the tour of the Museum, we will discover the history of CARRIS transport system and the emblematic figures that were part of it. We will discover that this narrative has spread to different countries, from Brazil to London, by land and sea.  

In this playful workshop, we will draw a cartoon on the windows of a yellow bus with “magic” markers. With imagination, because “a tale never loses in the telling”. Let’s start coloring!

Ages: 6-12 years

Price: 5.5€ children

Duration: 1 hour

Number of Children: 15-25

We will get to know a few things about CARRIS and also about traffic signs, precautions to be taken in road/pedestrian traffic and, of course, the good practices that we must adopt in public transport. We can seize the opportunity to make a mini circuit at the school in order to rehearse some of the rules we have learned. At the end, each team (divided class) will take a quiz that challenges their “gray matter and we will check if the subject has been learned! At the end of the challenge, each team captain will win a medal and a certificate. 

Ages: 8-14 years

Price: 5.5€ children

Duration: 1 hour

Number of Children: 15-25

Safe activities


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Museum organizes its activities according to the safety measures of the General Health Directorate (GHD), ensuring that the Workshops and Tours are carried out with protection and safety for all participants. All Museu da Carris’ employees wear a mask. The monitors received specific training on Covid-19. The spaces comply with the recommendations of the GHD and cleaning and disinfection of the spaces is carried out daily. Find out the detailed information on the safety measures that have been implemented for the activities.

Bearing in mind that schools have their own organization of classes in “bubbles”, that classes have between 15-25 students and that the bus capacity is 35 seating and 58 standing positions:

 All children above 6 years of age must wear a mask inside the bus and during the whole activity; 

 When boarding the bus, all children must disinfect their hands; 

 The children will be directed to seating or standing position, up to a maximum of 25 children + 1 teacher + 2 educational service monitors + the driver (maximum load of 29 persons = 31% of total load). We will always try to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter between pairs. 

 The top part of the upper windows will be kept open for ventilation. 

 The children shall not share materials, such as chalk markers. 

 Between the workshop sessions, the collaborators (team, driver and monitorsshall clean and disinfect the places and materials used. 

 All Carris’ Museum employees wear a mask. The monitors from the Educational Service of Carris Museum received specific training on Covid-19. The spaces/vehicles comply with the recommendations of the GHD and cleaning and disinfection of the spaces is done daily.

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