Museu da Carris

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Nucleus 111 at the CARRIS Museum, inaugurated on the 19th of September 2012 and integrated in the 140th Anniversary celebrations of the company, exhibits some of the public transport passenger vehicles which are part of their reserves and are pending renovation, to the public.

These vehicles are representative of various periods which have affected CARRIS' history and as such deserve to be preserved and displayed to the public.

In this space the 'The CARRIS' Yellows in the European Press' exhibition is still open to the public.

CARRIS' Yellows have been transformed in recent years into true icons of the Portuguese capital with their popularity described and portrayed in articles and reports of newspapers and television throughout the world.

With the support of the Lisbon Tourism Association we proceeded to collect some of these works with the goal of exhibiting them in the CARRIS Museum and at the same time publishing the relevant book. Our objective is to also show to the people of Lisbon how the 'Yellows' are which are part of their daily life, are recognized and admired internationally.