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Parth of the month | The American Tram nº100

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The Carris Railways Company inaugurated its service to the public in 1873 with animal traction vehicles moving on rails. Nicknamed ‘Americanos’ two animals pulled them.

The introduction of electric trams in 1901 led to their complete extinction.

The replica displayed here represents one of these models, which was completely built in the CARRIS workshops, part of a project dated 1886.

Its more than 140 years can be marked by three distinct phases: the ‘americanos’ – horse-drawn cars pulled on rails – the trams and the buses.

The initial phase – of the ‘americanos’ - started in 1873, with the inauguration of the first route between Santos and Santa Apolónia.

The ‘diário oficial do império do Brazil’ delivered on the last packet ship, published a government decree authorising the foundation of the ‘Carris de Ferro’ (horse railways) Company of Lisbon in Rio de Janeiro. FranciscoMaria Cordeiro de Sousa, vice-consul of the United States at that time, and Luciano Cordeiro de Sousa approved its statutes due to the concessions of the Portuguese Government and to the contract approved by the Council of Lisbon on 13 October 1870 (…) The company is Portuguese. The headquarters will be in Rio de Janeiro with a managing director in Lisbon.
Diário de Notícias, no. 2424, 18 October 1872

Car Length: 6m
Shaft Length: 2,040m                                                                                                
N. º of  Wheels: 4 de 0,75m
Brakes: 2, manuais às rodas 

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