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Parth of the Month | Ophthalmic Light Chart

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Aumentar Parth of the Month | Ophthalmic Light Chart
The Snellen scale or Snellen's optometric scale is a diagram used to assess visual acuity. The table is named in honor of the dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen, who developed it in 1862.

There are two versions: the traditional one, with letters, and the one used for illiterate people, that is constituted of the letter "E" with variation of rotation like "ш", in which the person is asked to indicate which side the letter it is.

The Carris Health Service

The first steps towards the creation of what was to become "The CARRIS health service" date back to 1878.

According to the Management Report of 1878:

"The Board is of the opinion that the fines imposed (for Traffic personnel) and all employees (subject to the Car Traffic Regulation), in the future constituted a special fund with exclusive application for relief to employees of the Company that are unable to work for it, temporarily or permanently. "
This proposal was approved at the General Shareholders' Meeting of February 1879. The Company's Health Service was created, which, over the years, has accompanied all its cash through medical stations installed in all the Stations.

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