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Aumentar PARTH OF THE MONTH | October
Controller EEC, DB 1k style, commanding piece that allows control over the electric tramcars velocity. Dick.Kerr System, The English Eletric London Co Ltd.

The controller is a rectangular box that commands the tram enchines, in the phase of traction and in the phase of braking. It can go up to 7 or 9 speeds/points giving birth to the portuguese popular expression “The Devil’s is at 7!” or “The Devil goes to 9!”, refering to the tram’s maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. 
Controller’s constitution:
  • Dot counting crank;
  • Gearshift knob;
  • Cylinders;
  • Electrical contacts;
  • Supressor coils;
  • Micro-switches.
The braking to the engines is executed by the controller, acting in the dot counting crank in reverse direction of march. There’re also the rail brake and the wheel brake. 

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