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PARTH OF THE MONTH | Miniature of Articulated Tram

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Aumentar PARTH OF THE MONTH | Miniature of Articulated Tram
Miniature of Articulated Tram

Model of articulated tram in service built in the Carris Company’s workshops by António Ribeiro in 1995. This piece belongs to the Carris Museum and it’s displayed at the first part of the museum. 

The articulated trams initiated service in March of 1995. 
10 vehicles, with double articulation, that could speed to 70 kilometers per hour. 
The goal was to carry about 2.000 to 10.000 passangers per hour.

Technical characteristics of the Articulated Trams:
Fleet Number: 501 a 510
Year of manufacture: 1994-1995
Length: 24.020
Width: 2.400
Height: 3.430
Maximum Capacity: 201 (65 seated e 135 standing)
Gauge: 900/590
Traction Motors: Siemens 1TB1616 – Assíncr
Corrent Capture: Pantograph - Stemmann

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