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22.09.19 Museum Classics Parade

Join the Museum Classics Parade!

22 September from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Route: Santo Amaro >> Praça da Figueira >> Santo Amaro
Price: 10€/ per person

21.09.19 CARRIS Museum Closed | 21st September

On 21st of September (Saturday) CARRIS' Museum will be closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

18.09.19 CARRIS Museum Closed | 18th September

On 18th of September (Wednesday) CARRIS' Museum will be closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

11.09.19 PARTH OF THE MONTH | September | Zorra

Constructed in 1915 the ‘zorra’ trailer n.º 68 was used to transport equipment belonging to the service responsible for the fitting and maintenance of electric tram lines.
In use until the end of the 80’s.

Together with the the Zorra, the Rail sharpening machine (1934) was used to smooth the face of the rails on which the wheelset passed, thus giving them a better grip, 1934. 

07.09.19 CARRIS Museum Closed | 7th September

On 7th of September (Saturday) CARRIS' Museum will be closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

29.07.19 August schedule | Alteration

From 1st to 31st of August, CARRIS' MUSEUM closes for lunchtime from 13h to 14h.

Business hours
Working days and Saturdays
10h - 13h (last admission: 12h30)
14h - 18h (last admission: 17h30)

Closed: Sundays and public holidays.

11.07.19 PARTH OF THE MONTH | July | Brilliante Special Printing Machine

‘Brillant Special’ XPX model with a mechanism for manual control manufactured by A. Hogenforst – Leipzig’ in 1926.

Printing Workshop

The printing workshop was created in 1878 with the goal of printing tickets, not only to be more economical but also to combat transport ticket falsification more efficiently.

The original stamps and dyes were manufactured in stamp workshop of the Currency House (‘Casa da Moeda’).

At the end of the 1st year of activity the workshop had a manual printing press, guillotine and a perforator. This workshop was closed in December 2003.

In this room the visitor can accompany the various printing phases:  composition, printing, cutting, binding and finishing.

01.06.19 PARTH OF THE MONTH | June | Subscription Ticket Book

There is a photographic record of holders of signature tickets that can be dated from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century on display at Núcleo 1 of Carris Museum. 

A leather case that contains a large bundle of sheets of blue paperboard on which, in their proper place, next to the number assigned to each of these transport tickets, the photographs of their holders were attached, accompanied, in most cases, by their signatures. 

Of the 2625 portrayed, only 40 are women, which translates into a percentage of 1.5%. 

01.05.19 PARTH OF THE MONTH | Punch Clock

National Time Recorder Company Ltd. “Standard Card” Punch Clock from 1936, inserted in oak wood box, 108x35x29 cm. It was purchased on November 28, 1938, at The Modern Office. 

This piece can be seen at the Nucleus 1 of the Carris Museum in the section dedicated to administrative work.


From 24th of April to 10th of May part of the Space II of CARRIS' MUSEUM is closed.

On this period, it is possible to visit the Spaces I e II with 50% of discount on your ticket.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

21.04.19 CARRIS Museum Closed | 23rd April

On 23rd of April (Tuesday) CARRIS' Museum will be closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


On 9th April (Tuesday) the Space II of CARRIS' MUSEUM is closed.

On this day, it is possible to visit for free the Spaces I e II for free.

01.04.19 Parth of the month | Tramcar 802

801 to 810 Series

Part of a set of five units which soon became tem, the 802 tramcar began circulation in November 1939.

The many alterations done over its fifty year existence resulted in the loss of many of its original characteristics. Amongst these the driver’s cabin, the glass in the roof and its own chromatic plan, as displayed at present.
Withdrawn from service in 1983.

Built by Carris and restored as it was when it began service.

06.02.19 Parth of the month | Miniature of Tramcar nº901

Model of tramcar nº901 built in the Carris’s workshops in Santo Amaro Station. Represents a series of 10 cars with large engines, series from 901 to 910, that began service in 1947.

This post-war fleet was innovative and modern. From 1989 to 1991 the tramcars “900” were withdrawn from service.

The Miniature can be visited in the First Part of the CARRIS Museum and an original vehicle from the fleet, the nº904, in the Second Part of the CARRIS Museum.


04.01.19 PARTH OF THE MONTH | Photograph of the Museum Archive

Photography of the Bus nº3 A.E.C. Regal Mark III, receiving passengers next to the Marquês de Pombal square. 

Dating back to the 1950s this is one of several records of the circulation of the old green buses of A.E.C and Daimler. 

These graphic documents stored in the archive of the Carris Museum also propose a chronological journey through the city of Lisbon reminding us of its development always accompanied by the history of CARRIS itself. 

This image was assigned to the Carris Museum by Mr. Fernando José Gomes Ravasco de La-Granje, when retired from the position of head of the electric movement. 

04.12.18 Parth of the month | The American Tram nº100

The Carris Railways Company inaugurated its service to the public in 1873 with animal traction vehicles moving on rails. Nicknamed ‘Americanos’ two animals pulled them.

The introduction of electric trams in 1901 led to their complete extinction.

The replica displayed here represents one of these models, which was completely built in the CARRIS workshops, part of a project dated 1886.

Its more than 140 years can be marked by three distinct phases: the ‘americanos’ – horse-drawn cars pulled on rails – the trams and the buses.

The initial phase – of the ‘americanos’ - started in 1873, with the inauguration of the first route between Santos and Santa Apolónia.

The ‘diário oficial do império do Brazil’ delivered on the last packet ship, published a government decree authorising the foundation of the ‘Carris de Ferro’ (horse railways) Company of Lisbon in Rio de Janeiro. FranciscoMaria Cordeiro de Sousa, vice-consul of the United States at that time, and Luciano Cordeiro de Sousa approved its statutes due to the concessions of the Portuguese Government and to the contract approved by the Council of Lisbon on 13 October 1870 (…) The company is Portuguese. The headquarters will be in Rio de Janeiro with a managing director in Lisbon.
Diário de Notícias, no. 2424, 18 October 1872

Car Length: 6m
Shaft Length: 2,040m                                                                                                
N. º of  Wheels: 4 de 0,75m
Brakes: 2, manuais às rodas