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The Education Service's mission is to reframe the CARRIS Museum as a place of collective experience, dialogue and sharing of multiple voices, as the territory of reflection and experimentation of relationships between cultural heritage and historic and symbolic role of public transport in the city of Lisbon in conjunction with temporary exhibitions and events off the museum promotes.

It is intended to raise public awareness of the existence of the estate and heritage CARRIS, as well as its importance in the evolution of the morphology of the city, its history and technological development.
The educational activity is focused and adapted to diverse audiences - children, youth, schools, families, adults and groups with specific needs. Defines strategy as conducting educational activities, recreational and interactive, which will stimulate thought, feelings and ideas, encouraging participation and rereading of places and objects, through guided tours, workshops, courses, school holidays and birthday parties.

Based on the theme of transport and doing a reading of current issues such as mobility, road safety and environmental awareness, we explore routes, maps, wheels, engines and travel through an experimental approach, which focuses on the discovery by the senses.

For more information contact:
Educational Service at CARRIS Museum
A: Rua 1 º de Maio, 101-103, 1300-472 Lisboa
P: 213 613 087